this monday-tuesday in Ottawa: 12.18.06 - 12.19.06

Cheesy joke about NASCAR to tie in with Auto Racing.

Monday night, any fans of Primus should have a good time at Zaphod's no-cover-Monday with local headliners Auto Racing.
Or, you can see local band Relief Maps open for South Carolina rock band The Nein at the final End Hits basement show of 2005.

The rest of 'this week', as well as a dial613 special announcement, will be posted by Wednesday. This mysterious announcement, which is in your best interests, involves a 'lottery' of sorts. And that lame hint is the only one you'll be getting.

M - 12.18.06
Auto Racing* with Pelt, The Ether*, and Andrea Simms-Karp*, at Zaphod's
-->Auto Racing - (myspace)
The Nein with Relief Maps*, at End Hits

* denotes local act


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, a special announcement? How I'll-have-to-check-back-later-this-week-errific...

Calum Marsh said...

It's Wednesday and I want my special announcement!