see: 05.26.06 (Joel Plaskett/Jimmy Swift Band)

Tonight, go see the honest guitar-strumming of Halifaxer Halifaxian Nova Scotian Joel Plaskett (along with his band The Emergency), who won the East Coast Music Award for male artist of the year. He also picked up the award (and deservingly so) for songwriter of the year with his warm-and-fuzzy tune "Happen Now," which he wrote on his father's tenor guitar, making it even that much cuter.

/Joel Plaskett Emergency @capital music hall, doors 8PM, $17.50 in advance
DOWNLOAD - Happen Now

If you're looking for something different, head over to Bank st. and catch the Jimmy Swift Band, another East Coast act with a penchant for bluesy-funkish-type jamming. At points, you could even say it's rock and roll's best impression of disco (which obviously isn't a very good one).

/The Jimmy Swift Band @barrymore's, doors 8PM, $10 in advance
DOWNLOAD - The 80s Runway Model

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