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One-man musical project Casiotone For The Painfully Alone seemed like a joke at first: a film school dropout who didn't seem to know what to do with himself, so he decided to record lololo-fi ramblings onto 4-track cassette tapes using some old Casiotone he had lying around. This amounted to the sound of a guy with no obvious talent pouring his emotions out by means of overdramatic mumbling, self-pity, and Lil' Kim references (see: Tonight Was A Disaster). And it was all pretty goshdarned funny.

And then Casiotone For The Painfully Alone released Etiquette in 2006, along with a bunch of press pics of him looking serious, prompting reactions of, "Uhh .. hmm .. so that guy was for real?", and then crippling guilt for having laughed earlier. But then the guilt passed after listening to the early songs again because, hey, they're still kind of funny, and he must be happier now, right? (...uh, right??)

On Etiquette, more sounds are added to the previous mix of a Casiotone and a quivering voice, but the unique aesthetic of the sound still remains the same. But now, it's clear that it should (and deserves to) be taken seriously.
Neither of the 2 tracks below are from that album, but you can pick one up from the previous post.

-->Graceland (from the 2006 Graceland tour EP)
-->Hot Boyz, ft. Dear Nora (Missy Elliott cover) (funny on purpose, right? ..RIGHT??)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone plays Babylon this Saturday night, with openers Nick Krgovich and Saint Bernard Of Love, who are worth getting there on time for (~9:30).

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