this week in Ottawa: 05.28.07 - 06.03.07

The Wooden Stars share a double-bill, green screen, with Hilotrons this weekend.

M 05.28
Blazer* with Far From The Trees*, Dusty Waters, and Michael Caffrey*, at Zaphod's

Tu 05.29
Mike Yates* with Ritallin*, at Avant-Garde Bar

Th 05.31
Feist with Chad VanGaalen, at Bronson Centre
-->Feist - Mushaboom (k-os mix) (website, myspace)
-->Chad VanGaalen - Graveyard (website, myspace)
Danny Michel* with Sara Austin Corbett, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Danny Michel - The Invisible Man (website, myspace)
Mother Mother with Amos The Transparent*, at Zaphod's
-->Mother Mother - Dirty Town (website, myspace)
-->Mother Mother - Verbatim
Two Hours Traffic with Mardeen, at Maverick's
Wil with Auto Racing*, at The Live Lounge
-->Wil - Wedding Dress (website, myspace)
-->Auto Racing - Military Bubbles (myspace)

F 06.01
Black Boot Trio* with Four'n'Giv'r*, at Irene's Pub
Joshua Morin Band* with Graham Greer*, at The Clocktower Brew Pub
The Wooden Stars with Hilotrons*, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Wooden Stars - Pretty Girl (website, myspace)
Quarter Life* (CD release) with Sarah DeLuca*, at Zaphod's

Sa 06.02
Harshey* with The Fucking Machines* and The Uncooperatives*, at Irene's Pub
Hilotrons* with The Wooden Stars, at The Black Sheep Inn
Kobotown with Mr. Something Something, at Barrymore's
The Mahones, at Babylon
Quarter Life* (CD release) with Ben Cooper*, at Zaphod's

Su 06.03
Canoe-b-que featuring Ian Tamblyn, Ellen Hamilton, David Archibald, Shelley Posen, and Connie Kaldor, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act

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Calum Marsh said...

sunday - Suburned Hand Of The Man @ Zaphod's