this week (updated)

This week in Ottawa will be up later in the week. Or we'll just keep going one day at a time.

On Wednesday, Zaphod's is holding a "For Flag And Country" fundraiser. to help restore the Union Jack flag that was rescued from Parliament from a fire in 1916.
Three dandy local alt-country bands are taking part: Lefty McRighty & The Boxcar Cadavers, Sunbleached Skulls, and Evil Farm Children.
You can read more about the cause here.

Until then, all there is to know about is no-cover Monday at Zaphod's, featuring Graven with locals Johlen and That's The Spirit.

Also, dial613 is still waiting for someone more readers to re-create that photo for the Camera Obscura contest..


Unknown said...

I'm afraid to wait that long to see if I win...I don't wanna find out that I didn't win the contest and then find out that the show is sold out.

Anonymous said...

How can you list the Police reunion show at Barrymore's and not the NOFX show at Saw?

dial613 said...

dang, kevin,
that's a really good point.

i guess they'll just be a hot commodity for the lazy bums

(or you can enter and sell yours if you get them.)

Calum Marsh said...

Camera tickets are sold out at pretty much every location except Vertigo, so get 'em fast!

Jonathan Migneault said...

That Police show was a sick sick joke. Sick, I say!

You should of at least made it at Scotiabank Place so it would be more believable.