this partweek in Ottawa: 06.13.07 - 06.17.07

Simply Saucer, circa when you were in diapers. (Kids' ones.)

If there's one show to be recommended this week, it's Simply Saucer, who sound kind of like a jangly 1970s Velvet Underground-era relaxed rock band. And that may or may not be a result of the fact that they actually are one; the band formed in 1973, and are still touring after releasing their latest album, Cyborgs Revisited, back in 2003. They were also once produced by Hull's Daniel Lanois, so ... so nothing, but just thought you'd like to know, ok? Jeez. But check out the mp3 below, you'll hear their influences instantly.

More of the past comes to town this week in the form of The Evens, featuring Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat). Though the band is fairly new, the bands that its members have been a part of cover off significant portions of the 80s and 90s.

On Friday, local punkrockers Fortycentfix are playing what will be the last of their almost 200 shows over the course of four years. Their myspace claims that, over the course of those shows, they've only performed 23 different songs. Which means that they only had about 69 different chords to memorize, so I bet they know them real well by now and they should sound pretty tight when they call it quits with other locals Smaller On You and Contrabandit.

Looking forward to any shows this week?

W 06.13
Rockets Fall with The City Above*, at Zaphod's

Th 06.14
The Evens, at Club Saw

F 06.15
Amanda Rheaume* (CD release), at Zaphod's
Elmer Ferrer Band, at Black Sheep Inn
Fortycentfix* (final show!) with Syracuse, A Dying Race, Smaller On You*, and Contrabandit*, at Maverick's
Lynne Hanson* with Red Wood Central and Brian Gladstone, at Irene's Pub
Simply Saucer, at Babylon
-->Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing (myspace)
Theodosios, at Avant-Garde Bar

Sa 06.16
The Bush Pilots* with Evil Farm Children* and The Faithful Few, at Zaphod's
Elmer Ferrer Band, at Black Sheep Inn
Jokko* @BBY
The Setbacks* with The G-Men* and The Bella Bombs*, at Café Dekcuf

Su 06.17
Jenn Grant* (cd release) with Tanya Davis and Sarah Hallman*, at Black Sheep Inn
-->Sarah Hallman - Snowballin' (website, myspace)

* denotes local act


Anonymous said...

Ian MacKaye! Ian MacKaye!
you should go too

Let Them Eat Vinyl said...

NOOOOO! There was only one ticket left when I went to buy for the show tonight. shit

brad said...

Oh yeah and Brad Sucks tonight at the Live Lounge! Woooo that's me!!

Calum Marsh said...

MANNNNNNN that Evens show was INSANE!