this week in Ottawa: 06.04.07 - 06.10.07

You say party! I say where! You say your place! I say cool see you then! You say aiight! I say peace bro! Some guy says stop talking I'm trying to watch the movie!

We'll talk about Westfest in the next couple days, ok?
edit: Promise: broken. But look at the Westfest site yourself, the lineups are really really solid, and it's all completely free. That's right: Kathleen Edwards, The Golden Dogs, Camp Radio, and Jason Collett will play for you and you can just stroll right through the gate and up to the stage. It's a wonderfully hearty festival that probably has the best atmosphere of any held here in the city.. maybe because it's run by friendly, hard-working people who appear to be doing it for all the right reasons. And there's great support for local art, craft, speech, business, etc., including an all-local music line-up on Sunday headlined by Fiftymen.
If you'd like a general idea of what it'll be like, you can always take a look at the charmingly amateurish coverage of last year's edition, featured here and here.
Oh and hey, maybe that promise wasn't broken after all..?

And FYI, for all you now-defunct controller.controller fans: that band - lead singer nirmala = Lioness.

And also FYI, Nikola Sarcevic is the frontman of everybody's favourite band back in Grade 10ish, Millencolin.

And Yo Majesty, clever cute name!

And if you like to rock out with your socks out, you better go see Pride Tiger, Die Mannequin and locals Mighty Eagle Band. That's how that saying goes, right? Guess you could also just wear sandals somewhere loud or something too. But really this show will be total rock, man.

Ok, so what do you want to see this week?
What do you like to have out when you rock out?

M 06.04
The Bloodlines with Jacko*, Rebekah Higgs*, and Jon Epworth & The Improvements, at Zaphod's
Protest The Hero with All That Remains and Bless The Fall, at Capital Music Hall
Nikola Sarcevic with Raising The Fawn, at Café Dekcuf

Tu 06.05
The Clientele with Beach House and My Dad vs Yours*, at Babylon

W 06.06
The Coggs* with The Rude Dudes*, Hellbros*, and Raventamers*, at Zaphod's

Th 06.07
Eric Farr with James Farr and Simon Honeyman, at The Black Sheep Inn
Geronimo with Fire Heats Water, at End Hits

F 06.08
Melwood Cutlery, at Irene's Pub
The Flatliners with Ceremonial Snips, at End Hits
Shanneyganock with Westfest TamTam*, at Westfest
Woodpigeon with Entire Cities, Nich Worby, and Eastborough*, at Ecclesiax
Yo Majesty with Thunderheist, Lesbians On Ecstacy, and Jokers Of The Scene*, at Babylon
You Say Party! We Say Die! with Lioness, at Zaphod's

Sa 06.09
Bluestone* with Red Light Saints*, at Barrymore's
Kathleen Edwards* with Lily Frost, Jason Collett, Angela Desveaux*, The Golden Dogs, Andy Swan, Hunter Valentine, and more, at Westfest
Mouthus with Cousins Of Reggae, B'Italian, and Smoke Judo*, at End Hits
My Tiny Circus*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Pride Tiger with Die Mannequin and Mighty Eagle Band*, at Zaphod's
Nathan Wiley with Megan Hamilton and Stephanie Hardy, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su 06.10
Fiftymen* with Camp Radio*, Crowded Skies*, Eric Vieweg*, Mackenzie McBride*, The John Henrys*, Slo' Tom*, Jupiter Ray Project*, and more, at Westfest
Romi Mayes with John Evans (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act

No mp3s this week, bandwidth is maxed like your-grandma-who-loves-the-shopping-channel's credit card.

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Anonymous said...

Are Yo Majesty still playing? I heard this evening they couldn't get into the country because of some legal troubles (meaning: a hit & run conviction)...