this week in Ottawa: 04.09.07 - 04.15.07

Fun fact: Jim Bryson is actually lying down in this picture.

Hey, did you know Interpol is coming this week? Too bad if you didn't, because tickets sold out faster than you can say "I always thought they were from the UK." dial613 is still kind of surprised at the speed considering the uncharacteristically low publicity for it; didn't really come across any announcements other than this at the time the dates were released. Yet within a week and a half, desperation was kicking in for those out of the loop.
The show should be good, but dial613 is less curious about the sound of their new material than about whether or not this guy is going to make it in.

Perennial local favourites The Acorn finish Tin Fisting Canada by wrapping up their tour back where it started, except in a different venue, so it's not really as poetic as it could be. But they kept a nice (b)log of their touring experiences, you can read it here if you'd like.

Another notable show is The Books, who play music that is way over your head, and so can you please just admit it and stop pretending to understand songs that are called "The Lemon Of Pink." Ok but really, this is a pretty neat show to come to town, so you should --- oh wait, what, Final Fantasy is at the Black Sheep the same night? Oh.. gosh. Tough choice (ticket availability aside?); good thing dial613 is already busy and won't have to decide.

Finally, Jim Bryson's new album, Where The Bungalows Roam, is so grand that it needs to be released over two days; the deed will be done proper over the course of shows on Saturday and Sunday at the Black Sheep Inn. Come back later in the week to read a little bit about Jim Bryson and get some mp3s from the record (which you probably will really enjoy). In the meantime, you can stream the whole thing over here, wow!

Which shows are you most looking forward to this week?

M 04.09
Sin Kickers* with Jacko* and Boom Creek*, at Zaphod's

W 04.11
Handsome Furs with Hank & Lily and Apples*, at Zaphod's

Th 04.12
The Books, at Babylon
Final Fantasy, at The Black Sheep Inn

F 04.13
The Acorn* with Orillia Opry and Sarah Hallman*, at Babylon
Forty Cent Fix* with Arietta, Saturday Night Heroes and Motorcycle Drive-By*, at Zaphod's
The Jupiter Ray Project* with Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club*, at Irene's Pub
The Mighty Popo* with Mansa Sissoko, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa 04.14
Andy White Trio, at Irene's Pub
Apostle Of Hustle with Jetplanes Of Abraham*, at Zaphod's
Jim Bryson* (record release) with The Soirée*, at The Black Sheep Inn
Do Make Say Think, at Barrymore's
My Tiny Circus*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Souljazz Orchestra*, at Babylon

Su 04.15
Jim Bryson* (record release) with Male Nurse* (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
Ora Cogan with Anni Rossi (8pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
Harvee with Sadie Hell*, at Zaphod's
Interpol, at Capital Music Hall
The Murder Plans with Form One, at Irene's Pub

* denotes local act


Anonymous said...

What, no love for tomorrow's Handsome Furs show? Even if I weren't promoting it, I'd be really excited for it.

And Final Fantasy will be great. I'm really torn about Saturday...I need to find some way of seeing Do Make Say Think, Jim Bryson, and Apostle of Hustle!

Also, Eastborough is also playing that show at Irene's with The Murder Plans.

Anonymous said...

The blind bloys are also playing on April 12. I'm going to have to go see Final Fantasy though. Can't pass up a night at the Black Sheep.