bluesfest: begins today

Sure, they're stylin sunglasses, but do they really offer Van Morrison full UV protection?

A reminder that Bluesfest starts today, with a 7:30 PM show by caraVan Morrison and a late show with the Elmer Ferrer Band, whom dial613 stumbled upon last year at the Blacksheep stage and found really entertaining.
They added The Vanner long after the fest lineup had been announced, and tacked on an extra day at the beginning to accommodate the show, which is why you may be looking at your calendar, then back at your computer screen, then back at your calendar, etc. etc.

And remember, it's at Lebreton Flats this year, but dial613 is curious about going to City Hall just to take in the confusion of those that weren't paying close enough attention. The people there will be probably be those same kids in your class that always showed up on the PD/PA Days at school. Except you wouldn't know who those were unless you showed up yourself. Hmm...

Check back for a guide to the first few days, soon.

-->Van Morrison - Wild Night

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