this week in Ottawa: 08.21.06 - 08.27.06

Amos The Transparent's favourite number is ten, followed closely by 9-1-1

This week is a bit of a sleeper, though not to be confused with being sleepy. As in, it should be a great chance to hear some new and up-and-coming music that you might not have gotten to in a busier week.
Specifically, you can see Amos The Transparent, a "new" local band that includes former members of the now-defunct Keep Yourself Good Company and the not-at-all-defunct The Architects, as well as singer-songwriter Ana Miura. And be sure to get there early so you can take in Jetplanes Of Abraham, the new Ottawa supergroup that is practically drowning in local bloggers' slobber.

Speaking of blogger-slobber, the lightly internet-buzzed Oppenheimer are making the trip all the way from Belfast to bring their fuzzy, infectious pop sound into Ottawa. They should probably be getting a little more attention, so maybe you'd like to give it to them (edit: cancelled, give it to them once they reschedule). Listen to Breakfast In NYC, but be careful: it may make you want to hug people.

Who will you be going to see this week?

Dar Williams with Dan Frechette, at The Black Sheep Inn

Aide-De-Camp with Dearly Beloved, at Zaphod's

Kardinal Offishall with Hilotrons* and Donkeypunch*, at Capital Music Hall
--->Hilotrons - Born A Dancer (website, myspace)
--->Donkeypunch - Brand Name Boy (website, myspace)
Marc Charron & Rozalind Macphail with Neil Gerster, at Zaphod's

Amos The Transparent* with Jetplanes Of Abraham* and Kamikaze Baby, at Barrymore's
Nich Worby at Avant-Garde Bar
Oppenheimer with Bad Flirt and Lifestyle, at Zaphod's CANCELLED
--->Oppenheimer - Breakfast In NYC (website, myspace)

Clothes Make The Man with Cities In Dust and Sojourn, at Barrymore's
These Electric Lives with Embassies Of Denmark*, at Zaphod's

The Flaps* (afternoon show) at Andrew Haydon Park
--->The Flaps - Ouzo (website, myspace)

* denotes local band


Anonymous said...

I'm really torn about both Friday and Saturday...I want to see all three of those Friday shows, while Saturday also has a Bangkok house party happening (albeit somewhere in Nepean). It's insane!

Anonymous said...

the oppenheimer show has been cancelled. work permit problems. they say they will return in October.

Calum Marsh said...

I could be wrong, but I think that Zaphod's show on Saturday with These Electric Lives has City Of 100 Spires opening, not Black Actors - just saw a poster on my block this afternoon.

Still, City Of 100 Spires are fucking awesome live. Go see it.

Anonymous said...

Originally the show was with Black Actors, but it switched at some point.

Where did you hear the Bad Flirt/Oppenheimer show was cancelled?

dial613 said...

kevin, thanks for the info. i thought i saw something about it last week, but ignored it.

Anonymous said...

Saw it on their myspace page. All Canadian dates are cancelled and they hope to reschedule sometime in October.

Calum Marsh said...