this week in Ottawa: 08.28.06 - 09.03.06

The relatively-senior Dinosaur Jr. play the Capital Music Hall on Friday

The most intriguing show this week goes down Friday at the Black Sheep Inn, where Vancouver's Geoff Berner bravely continues his quest to "drag klezmer kicking and screaming back into the bars." His brand of klezmer is not your daddy's klezmer... it's actually your grand-daddy's klezmer, which apparently was full of "drinking, politics, and sex." Sounds like just another Friday night for dial613.

If the intrigue doesn't do it for you, there are 3 other high-quality shows that night to satisfy whatever it is you're looking for: accomplished indie-altrocking vets Dinosaur Jr., almost-retro electronic pop duo Hexes & Ohs (montreal), and small-town but big-rocking James McKenty & The Spades (peterborough), who turned in an incredible set on Canada Day, transitioning seamlessly between songs without stopping the music for anything resembling a breather.

If this week's shows are a sandwich and Friday is the meat, then local acts play the role of some pretty great bread; on top, there's the straight-outta-C(arleton)P(lace)T(own?) Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands, who play dirty country tunes that stay loyal to their city limit roots. On the other end is Poorfolk, an indie-rock band with one hand sometimes in the folk cookie jar. Or bread basket. Whatever.

Who will you choose on Friday night?
Which show will you feel worst about missing?
What's your favourite kind of sandwich?

Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands*, at The Rainbow
-->Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands - Sweet Charlotte (website, myspace)
Camp Best Friends*, at Cafe Dekcuf
Chris Velan with Joshua Morin*, at The Black Sheep Inn

Dinosaur Jr. with TBA, at Capital Music Hall
Hexes And Ohs with The Stolen Minks and Hunter Valentine, at Irene's Pub
-->Hexes & Ohs - Alive Until Saturday Night (website, myspace)
James McKenty & The Spades, at Maverick's
Geoff Berner with Chakidor and Wax Mannequin, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Geoff Berner - Whiskey Rabbi (website, myspace)

Poorfolk* with The Field Register and The Soiree*, at Irene's Pub
-->Poorfolk - Cave Smokin' (website, myspace)

* denotes local act

note: dial613 will be on pause for the next few days. (See if you can tell the difference.)

Kitten War! (go Stretch!)
Baby vs. Baby! (go Bink!)

Bonus!: Lou Barlow - Home (dial613's favourite 0.3333 of Dinosaur Jr.)


Calum Marsh said...

I order a club sandwich and mashed potatoes at every restaurant I visit, excluding ethnic places. I have for the past 10 years. I don't consider myself particularly boring and I don't seek the stability of routine, but for some reason I can't get enough of that one meal. I've probably had 1000 club sandwiches in my life. A thousand. Honestly. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.

Also: Andy Rourke of The Smiths is DJing on Saturday. FUCK YES. Did you know he's starting a bass-heavy supergroup with Peter Hook from New Order? Two of the best groups ever.

Anonymous said...

1000 club sandwiches? Wow. I take back what I said about Belleville not warping you.

I really wish I could go to Poorfolk/The Soiree, but I'll be in Montreal at Osheaga. I'm going to try to go to the Ladyfest fundraiser at Irene's on the 1st, though!