listings updated (update)

The show listings have been thoroughly updated. If you see something missing or have a show of yours to add, just send an e-mail.
Maybe there'll be a short rundown of some upcoming shows within the next few days.

Be careful about the show listings at Barrymore's, though: the venue (and Aloha Room below) looks to be in limbo right now with an ownership change, and shows are apparently being postponed/cancelled. dial613 has no extra info, but the best source for updates is probably Citizen writer Peter Simpson's The Big Beat blog. He's already posted this on it.

And dial613 totally agrees that the Barrymore's ownership change is hopeful, if anything. It was getting kind of sad in there. Though Barrymore's certainly isn't alone.. at least one other local venue instantly springs to mind as a place that could use a fresh start (that's polite enough, no?).

The big question now: where are the 80's and 90's night patrons going to go? American Apparel is only open until, like, 5pm on Sundays.

UPDATE: This was in today's Citizen.

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Calum Marsh said...

Hmm, yeah, very exhaustive listings. Nothing left out.