this week in Ottawa: 02.12.07 - 02.18.07

Flecton sets the mood like no other at The Manx on Wednesday.

Ok, so dial613 is going to go ahead and acknowledge the elephant in the room right away: this Wednesday is a pretty special day.

And, if you do by chance choose to celebrate, your options are certainly open.
The most typically romantic idea would be to head over to The Black Sheep Inn in the wonderful setting of Wakefield, where you can get lost in the atmospheric songwriting of Josh Ritter and the lovely voice of Jill Barber.
For the more adventurous, and those who'd like to be especially close to a certain someone (and just as close most others in attendance), feel the love with local charmer Flecton and the debut(?) of Lover's Lane, featuring the duo of Mike Dubue (Hilotrons, Double Pumpers, ..) and Jim Bryson.

Speaking of Hilotrons, they'll play their first show of 2007 on Saturday. What took so long, dial613 don't know; but My Dad vs. Yours also plays this week, and so it appears as though the race to be 2007's most frequently-performing non-residency band in the city is clearly on. Anybody wanna put down some early money?

Also of note, one-time Manx regular Danny Michel comes back home to play a two-night stand in Wakefield, and the newly-recordreleased Crowded Skies (myspace) open at Zaphod's on Saturday. If country rock is your thing, then this show should be your thang. Because that's what country rock-type people say, right?

What shows are you planning to head out to this week?
Any anti-Feb.14 parties dial613 should be aware of (y'know, the ones typically held by those sad, bitter people)?

M 02.12.07
Clepto* with Contrabandit* and Stoic Kid*, at Zaphod's
Guy Major*, at The Rainbow

Tu 02.13.07
Josh Ritter with Jill Barber, at The Black Sheep Inn
Secret Star* with Look Toward The Sky and The Scenery, at Avant-Garde Bar

W 02.14.07
Busboyeez* (CD Release) with Ladymilk* and The Rumbelinas, at Zaphod's
Flecton* w/ Lover's Lane*, at The Manx
-->Flecton - Truce Is Stranger Than Fiction
For The Mathematics* with F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, Elephantoms*, and Sleeping Pilot*, at Babylon
-->For The Mathematics - This Transient
Josh Ritter with Jill Barber, at The Black Sheep Inn

Th 02.15.07
The City Above with Once Past Silver and Auto Racing*, at Zaphod's
Danny Michel, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Danny Michel - The Invisible Man

F 02.16.07
Danny Michel, at The Black Sheep Inn
Kiss Me Deadly with Crystal Clyffs and My Dad vs. Yours*, at Zaphod's

Sa 02.17.07
Trevor Dunn & Shelley Burgon with Adam Saikaley* and Parade, at Club SAW
Hilotrons* with The American Devices and Mackenzie MacBride*, at Barrymore's
-->Hilotrons - Born A Dancer
North Of Summer with The Jason Kent Band, at Avant-Garde Bar
Eric Vieweg & The Silver Lining* with Crowded Skies*, at Zaphod's

Su 02.18.07
"Music & Art 5" featuring The Rude Dudes*, Hellbros*, Goddam Goddams*, and Sadie Hell*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act

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Anonymous said...

my dads/kissme/clyffs show is at zaphods.