this week in Ottawa: 02.26.07 - 03.04.07

dial613 wonders if The Zoobombs have any trouble clearing customs.

It's relatively quiet this week in town, unless you're standing anywhere in the vicinity of the speakers at The Zoobombs show. From Tokyo, they've gained notoriety for their wild live show, which is precisely what you'd expect from a band named after Sunday bicycle rides to the zoo. dial613 has seen many words used to describe The Zoobombs's sound, a number of which may or may not exist/make sense (kraut-rock anybody?), and thus won't make any attempt to pigeonhole them here; hear them for yourself at their myspace.

Also, Jim Bryson headlines a Lung Cancer Benefit at the Black Sheep on Saturday night, where he'll likely be playing a handful of new material of his cleverly titled upcoming release, Where The Bungalows Roam. You can get a taste from the mp3 down below, which sounds great.
Opening will be fellow Kelpers Camp Radio, as well as Two Dollar Bash, a folk band based in Berlin that sometimes sings in French. Naturally!

Other shows you may be interested in include the spy-fi sounds of locals The Reverb Syndicate on Wednesday, and East Coast Music Award-winners In-Flight Safety, who share the stage with PEI's Two Hours Traffic on Friday night.

What shows are you interested in checking out this week?

W 02.28
The Reverb Syndicate* with The Lipstick Machine, at Zaphod's

Th 03.01
No Other Way* with Radiodazed* and Sadie Hell*, at The Live Lounge
Shout Out Out Out Out with 120 Days, at Zaphod's
Chris Velan with Joshua Morin*, at The Black Sheep Inn
Mike Yates & The Candidates* with John Allaire*, at Avant-Garde Bar

F 03.02
Atherton & The Throw Ups* with Mic Lords, Dead Beat Dads, and Ryan MacIntyre, at Babylon
Cara Luft with Rob Szabo and Ox, at The Black Sheep Inn
Germans with VKNGS, The Soft Disaster*, and Tallships*, at Maverick's
In-Flight Safety with Two Hours Traffic, at Zaphod's

Sa 03.03
The Bloody Hollies with The Double Pumpers*, at Babylon
-->The Double Pumpers - Dyin' To Smile (website, myspace)
Jim Bryson* with Camp Radio* and Two Dollar Bash, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Jim Bryson - Clear The Crowds (website, myspace)
-->Camp Radio - Cons At The New Moon (website, myspace)
The Zoobombs with Sweet Thing and Good2Go*, at Zaphod's

Su 03.04
Young Galaxy with Acres*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act

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Anonymous said...

I think I'll be going to Andrew Rodriguez tomorrow at Dekcuf. The show's received zero promotion, but he's pretty good...