guide: Bluesfest 2007, day 7 - day 12 (07.10.07 - 07.15.07)

Oh, and the obvious solution to the lawn chairs vs. standing only debate: everybody, just stand on your chairs. Case closed!

dial613 reader's guide to Bluesfest 2007, pt. 2:
days 7-12

(mbna) = MBNA Stage
(sheep) = Blacksheep Stage
(rog) = Rogers Stage
(riv) = River Stage
(bd) = Barney Danson Theatre

* denotes local artist

Day 7 - Tuesday, 07.10.07

schedule for clones and dial613
7:30 - Sunparlour Players (bd)
9:00 - George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars (mbna)
9:30- Alejandro Escovedo (sheep)

Another simple start to the guide, but all 3 acts on the sched above come highly recommended. To be honest, not so familiar with most of the other acts this day, so maybe just wandering around and following your ears is a good idea for the earlier part of the evening; seems like the Black Sheep stage is usually a solid bet if you're looking for a place to start.

dial613 is most excited, possibly more so than for any other act this festival, for George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars, the latest of his funk ensembles/collectives which morphed out of 60s and 70s groups Funkadelic and Parliament. These are acts that used to descend from UFOs onto the stage, dressed in wild and glittering stuff from head to toe (check the pictures for proof). Hopefully there's still some wacky in them.. dial613 is just itching for any excuse to be shouting "yeeeah, tha's funked-up!" for the duration of the show.


The guide continues... click here for days 8 thru 12.


Day 8 - Wednesday, 07.11.07

schedule for clones
6:00 - Lure* (riv)
7:45 - Aboriginal Hour (sheep)
8:00 - Cat Power (rog)
9:30 - Steve Miller Band (mbna)
9:30 - Tagaq (sheep)
dial613's schedule
Lure* - 6:00
Cat Power - 8:00
Steve Miller Band/Tagaq - 9:30

BATTLE!: Steve Miller Band vs. Tagaq
Steve Miller is yet another classic classic-rock name headlining the main stage this year, while (Tanya) Tagaq, being rooted in aboriginal music and tradition, is one of the more unique performers of the festival. This'll probably be a gametime decision, or a stay-at-the-mainstage-til-too-irritated-with-the-massive-crowd-to-stay-any-longer type deal.
Pick: Toss-up

Other than Miller and Cat Power, there doesn't seem to be much of a draw on this day either (although the aboriginal hour should be pretty interesting). It's becoming clearer that this year, there just doesn't seem to be as much of a guarantee that you'll really want to see at least one act at any given time throughout the festival, unlike what it felt like last year. Granted, that's a tough task.. maybe we were spoiled last year?

Day 9 - Thursday, 07.12.07

schedule for clones
6:15 - Basia Bulat (sheep)
6:15 - Liam Titcomb (bd)
7:45 - Page France (sheep)
9:00 - Craig Cardiff (bd)
9:30 - Blue Rodeo (mbna)
9:30 - Ndidi Onukwulu (sheep)
9:30 - Xavier Rudd (riv)
dial613's schedule
Nigeria v. Zambia

All 4 headliners tonight have been to Ottawa either frequently, fairly recently, or both, so the one you see here will probably depend on who you've seen before. dial613 is taking a pass on the night to check out what will likely be the most successful FIFA U-20 Championships ever, in terms of attendance. And they're actually saying the same thing about Bluesfest this year too: at this point (day 5), it's on pace to break its past attendance records. There's probably something intelligent to say about these 2 facts, but you're looking in the wrong place for that.

Under The Radar - Basia Bulat
She's got a gorgeous voice, and has been discussed on here before. She also wears funny hats in her press photos. That's as deadly a combination as cauliflower with peanut butter (go on, try it. And take pictures. And send them to me.).


Day 10 - Friday, 07.13.07

schedule for clones
6:00 - Gogol Bordello (rog)
6:00 - The Love Machine* (riv)
7:00 - Sebastien Grainger et les Montagnes (riv)
7:45 - Tokyo Police Club (sheep)
8:00 - Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians (rog)
8:15 - Built To Spill (riv)
dial613's schedule
Gogol Bordello - 6:00
Sebastien Grainger et les Montagnes - 7:00
Tokyo Police Club - 7:45
Built To Spill - after TPC

Sure-Shot - Gogol Bordello
Is this a sure-shot or is Gogol Bordello still under the radar? This show is kind of a mix of the 2 categories.. sure-radar!
If you like locals Ukrainia!, then this act's Ukrainian folk-gypsy-punk should be right up your alley. If you don't really like Ukrainia!, but you can appreciate a great mustache, then this should be right up your alley as well; lead singer Eugene Hutz's cookie-duster is practically a show in itself.

And pardon my french, but shouldn't Built To Spill be headlining? Just axin'...


Day 11 - Saturday, 07.14.07

schedule for clones
all day - Gospel Day! (sheep)
2:30 - The Empiricals* (riv)
3:30 - Amos The Transparent (riv)
6:00 - Patrick Watson (rog)
6:15 - Danny Michel* (riv)
7:45 - Jim Bryson* (riv)
9:15 - Blackie & The Rodeo Kings (riv)
9:30 - Kanye West (mbna)
9:30 - Deadstring Brothers (bd)
dial613's schedule
same as above (floating in and out of gospel day) - 2:30-9:15
Kanye West - 9:30

One of dial613's life missions has involved an extensive search to find da T.R.U.T.H., and lo' and behold, it's going to be right here in Ottawa! It'll be one of 9 gospel acts you can find Black Sheep stage, each of which will be providing a heaping healthy helping of soul food for lunch, dinner, and whatever snacks you have in between.
For dessert, though..

BATTLE! (triple-threat match):
Kanye West vs. Deadstring Brothers vs. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

Pick: Kanye West's strut
(but hopefully dial613'll catch a glimpse of Blackie & co., too)


Day 12 - Sunday, 07.15.07

schedule for clones
2:45 - IsWhat?! (riv)
2:45 - Danny Michel Band* (sheep)
3:00 - Hilotrons* (mbna)
5:15 - King Sunshine (sheep)
6:00 - Detroit Women (rog)
6:15 - Deadstring Brothers (sheep)
7:45 - Steve Forbert & The Sound Benders (sheep)
8:00 - Sam Roberts Band (rog)
9:30 - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (sheep)
dial613's schedule
Hilotrons - 3:00
King Sunshine - 5:15
Detroit Women - 6:00
Deadstring Brothers - after DW
Steve Forbert & TSB - 7:45
Sam Roberts Band - after SF&TSB?
Sharon Jones & TDK - 9:30

Under The Radar - Detroit Women
dial613 caught a cameo appearance of theirs in Solomon Burke's set last Bluesfest and immediately regretted not seeing them earlier in the day. They're a group of .. uh, women from Detroit .. who represent a wide range in vocal style, age, and look; and they all sing soul/r&b/funk/jazz together in wonderful harmony. They're incredible, both in talent and performance. It really doesn't sound that neat in writing, so maybe forget all that you just read and just go see for yourself.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings should provide a wonderful note for the fest to end on.

With all the names dial613 isn't familiar with and the ensuing empty timeslots for this half of the fest, there's got to be someone you can recommend, no? There were plenty of acts whose names are kind of recognizable, but no particular sound or reputation comes to mind.

Who would you add to the guide?
Who would you take out?
What show is your must-see for this half of Bluesfest? --or wait, are you even going?

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Nana said...

My "must see" for the last half of Bluesfest was Page France, and I was not disappointed! Built to Spill were great, as well.