see: the white stripes (...but where?)

The White Stripes transitted publicly in Winnipeg earlier this week.
(Pic via Pitchfork.)

UPDATED 07.09.07 (see below)

Sooo, uh, anyone have any idea if/where The White Stripes might be playing their half-expected/totally hoped for secret pre-show gig in Ottawa tomorrow aft?

It all seems pretty air-tight... there isn't even a rumour mill in sight, let alone rumours.
dial613's guess, for the record, is the Parliament Hill lawn, but is that too cliché?

If you were a White Stripe, where would you be?
Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments. (and e-mail with tips)

UPDATE: Aww, ain't that sweet, they played the Bronson Centre for about 40 seriously sick kids and their families thanks to Starlight Starbright. This gig was completely sealed shut from outsiders, unlike the ones they'd played in other Canadian cities leading up to this; it wasn't even announced on their official forums the way the past ones have. But do you really mind? Nope, me neither.


Anonymous said...

join the forum on whitestripes.net (takes usually a day or 2 to get accepted, mayby out of luck here unless you already in)
this is how it works..a person named "subpopfan1" will make the annoucement on where it is or a clue to where it is, he usually gives 15-30 min notice before the show is to begin, the show is usually close to the venue (so anywhere downtown) "or" the media will be informed and leak it to everybody 15-30 min before the show.
this show can be anywhere!!
im in that forum already so if you wanna heads up just send me an email at eeyou_cree@hotmail.com or if you find out any info send it to me.....thanks

Let Them Eat Vinyl said...

That was so damn cool of the Stripes. Good for them.